ANDREA REINKEMEYER: When Justice Reigns for Mixed Choir (2016)
18 May 2020
Linfield College Concert Choir - Dr. Anna Song, director When Justice Reigns for Mixed Choir with Divisi Andrea Reinkemeyer, composer; Janine Applegate, poet Available for purchase from ADJective Composers' Collective When Justice Reigns One common life all creatures share; one origin, one common birth, One sky, one source of light, one air: one journey on one kindred earth. One passage to this world we take and through one portal we depart. In every dream, and when we wake, we share the beating of one heart. We will not taste true wealth until the least is clothed and warm and fed, Or rest in peace, secure and still, while others do not have a bed. Where hatred dwells, there is no peace; the wounds are borne by everyone For we are woven of one piece: of many threads the cloth is spun. When justice reigns, its battle won, and warfare ends and hearts are free, Then every voice shall sing as one, in hope and love and harmo
<June 2021>

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